Inspiration creates motivation. Ask my clients what made them choose me and you’re likely to get many different answers. There’s one thing they’ll all agree on though; Sean delivers results. 

"Invite Sean to speak at your next live event"



Leading and mentoring teams with a focus on growing individuals and their skill set to further support initiatives of the company.

Back end

A superior focus on product lifecycle management and the tool box of calendars, processes, and strategies that assist Design, Merchandising, and Product Development teams in achieving success.                

Imagine a professional who can  establish a vision and communicate direction through all channels inside and outside your organization. A leader who inspires and communicates to artists, designers, mills, factories, photographers, marketers, illustrators, customers, clients, shareholders, and stock holders. Then stop imagining and contact today.

Front end

Design, Inspiration, Research, Reports, and Presentations that support finely tuned strategic direction. An inclusive leader that leads and teaches. A coworker who appreciates the larger team.




Whether you’d like to sell products online or push shoppers to your bricks-and-mortar store, Sean has experience in reigniting existing brand desire and lifting sales through superior design and merchandising. 

Sean Coyle is a creative leader, designer, creative director, author, and speaker, a visionary talent, a team builder, mentor, partner and success maker.



Professional designs that amaze and delight the customer. Designs that consider performance, style, construction, fit, cost, and profitability for all stakeholders.